Full Stack Web Development

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Coding Bytes provides 6 months Certificate Course in Python & Django Full Stack Web Developer based on current industry standards that helps attendees to secure placements in their dream jobs in Industry.

1:1 & 1:6

Age 18-21


50 minutes
Per class

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On-Demand: $25 / month

4 classes / month

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Classes are 50 minutes long and can be scheduled anytime Monday-Sunday from 7am to 7pm PT. To begin, select Try a Free Class to signup. Our team will then match you and set up your first class!

Course duration : 4-6 months
Lesson: 50 minutes

Learning Targets


Introduction to Web

  • Introduction to Web
  • Core HTML
  • Advance HTML 5
  • Core CSS
  • Advance CSS
  • Core JavaScript
  • Advance JavaScript

Python Language

  • Different Modes in Python
  • Variables in Python
  • Python Conditional Statements
  • Python LOOPING
  • Python Lists
  • Python Tuple
  • Python Sets
  • Python Dictionary
  • Python Functions
  • Advanced Python
  • Python Class and Objects
  • Python Regular Expressions

Bootstrap (Powerful Mobile Front-End Framework)

  • Bootstrap Grid System
  • Grid Options

Django Web Framework

  • MVC Pattern
  • Getting Started with Django
  • Create an Application
  • Django- Admin Interface
  • Views Layer
  • Django- URL Mapping
  • Django Template Language (DTL)
  • Django- Models
  • Django- Sending E-mails
  • Django- Form Processing
  • Django- File Uploading
  • Django- Cookies Handling
  • Django Admin
  • Django ORM (Object Relational Mapping)
  • Django API (Application Program Interface)
  • Static Files
  • Sample Project and Websites
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Full stack development: It refers to the development of both front end(client side) and back end(server side) portions of web application. 

Full stack web Developers: Full stack web developers have the ability to design complete web applications and websites. They work on the frontend, backend, database and debugging of web applications or websites.

We’re experts at teaching kids to code for an increasingly tech-driven world.

Job demand for coding skills is projected to grow over 2x faster than other occupations. Prepare your kids for the modern world with CB Jr., no matter their experience level. We offer a full computer science curriculum for kids ages 14-18.

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